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To mark the end of Volunteer Week, Faith in Community Dundee launches the findings of a recent study into the impact that women who volunteer have in their communities.  

In response to the Scottish Government’s recent work on equality, Faith in Community Dundee wanted to shine a light on the impact female volunteers have on their community.  Working with 19 projects across Dundee they interviewed 80 women about a variety of aspects of their volunteering experience, from what motivates them, to volunteer to the impact they feel volunteering is having on their own lives.

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“In this report, we want to identify and recognise the substantial contribution women, particularly those volunteering with faith projects, are making to society.”  – Daniel Ogierman FiCD 


These women may only be quietly working away in the background, but the impact their work is having, both directly on the people who access services and on their wider community is sizable. We welcome the opportunity to acknowledge and  celebrate the work of female volunteers, both in Dundee and across Scotland

Faith in Community Dundee would like to thank everyone who contributed to the report