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Poverty Truth Commission

Across this year’s Poverty Truth Commission, we will be bringing you the view from inside the commission, as Jane and Sadia share their thoughts and experiences of being a Commissioner.  

We feel lucky to be part of The Poverty Truth Commission. Honored that people would be willing to share their stories with us, and proud of the work The Commissioners have put in. The most rewarding element of the work however, is often lost in these publications.

Across three previous commissions we have seen people grow. Watched people find their voice, to speak about their experiences, in their way. Been present when someone begins to understand, not just empathise, or relate, but truly understand.  These moments are hard to communicate properly in reports, but they are so much of what makes the  Poverty Truth Commission special.

This year we hope to capture some of this in a blog series that follows two Commissioners through the whole process. You can read Jane’ first blog here and we will post future installments here