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The Poverty Truth Commission Report 2014-16,PTC 2016 report cover

Download report (pdf)


The third round of the commission met from 2014-16 concentrating their work on 3 working groups.  Further resources from each of these groups can be found below.

The Cost of School

https://vimeo.com/126248122 – ‘School Trips’

https://vimeo.com/114057613 – ‘The Kost of Kicks’


Dignity and the Power of Stories

https://vimeo.com/139269204 – ‘Becoming Human Again’

https://vimeo.com/123110273 – ‘Sanctions’


Food Poverty

Here are the findings from an in-depth investigation into food poverty carried out by our commissioners:
Food Poverty Report – Poverty Truth Commission February 2016 (pdf)

https://vimeo.com/126251801 – ‘Juggling Income’

https://vimeo.com/126248985 – ‘Life on Benefits’