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The 4th round of the Poverty Truth Commission has now come to a close, and we would like to express our thanks to all of the commissioners for their hard work over the past months.

The full reports from each of the working groups will be published on the Poverty Truth Commission section of the website in the coming weeks but the recommendations of the working groups are as follows. 

Poverty, Benefit Cuts & Assessments

The abolition of the 2 Child Policy; lifting of the 4 year benefits freeze; and abolition of the Benefit Cap. 

A  more holistic understanding of disability (relating to benefit needs) within government.

Reduction in the disability benefits assessment period for children entering adulthood.

Poverty & Asylum 

Increased support for asylum seekers to engage in meaningful activities (at a time when they do not have the right to work).

Increased recognition of what refugees and asylum seekers contribute and bring to our country.

A timescale for the right to remain process that is clear and respected 


Poverty & Mental Health 

Regular mental health training for all involved in front-line services, particularly within the DWP. 

The links between poverty and mental health to be highlighted in anti stigma campaigns.

Our system to take a more humane approach. 



You can download the Poverty Truth Commission’s 2017-18  report here