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Chris Dempster
Grants Administrator

Hello, I am Chris, the Grants Administrator for FiSCAF

It’s my job to provide support to people who want to apply to FiSCAF as well as those who are currently in receipt of funding. I make sure people get paid on time and keep track of all the reports we receive from the projects we fund. I also provide support to the Grants Board ahead of meetings.

Working in the sort of small organisations where Job Titles are more aspiration than a real reflection of the role, my previous roles have been pretty varied with the exception of being almost exclusively 3rd sector. I think the reality of the funding situation many community groups face, forces people to attempt to become a jack of all trades to meet the needs of their client base. I know the pressure this can put on people, which is why it’s so great that I now find myself in a role where I can support these groups.

Outside of work I volunteer with a Glasgow based Asylum Seeker support project, and try to make the most of the city’s fantastic theatres, galleries, and museums.