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Carol Alexander
Community Development Worker

Hello, my name is Carol Alexander and I am the new Community Development Worker with the Poverty Truth Commission. At this point in my role I am keen to get to know and hear from as many of the folks who have been involved with the Poverty Truth Commission and to hear about their experience of being a part of it. I am looking forward to connecting with people in communities, getting to know them and getting to hear about their experiences of poverty.

I started off my work life, working and supporting people with mental health issues. I quickly realised that getting people to share their experiences involves the building of trust and often art making can help people explore their own stories on a different level. I have been working with groups and individual young people supporting their exploration of their difficulties through art making.

I am at my best when art making is a part of my routine, but it has got kind of squashed out of my life over the last few years. I am off on an art retreat over the summer which I hope will re-establish art making in my daily life. I am also a bookworm, who binges on reading. The majority of my time over the last decade has been spent bringing up my two kids, who are now young adults. Officially there are only the three of us at our address but often there will be an extra body or two staying over if they have been on a night out, which keeps life from getting too routine or predictable.