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DWP Publishes New Guidance on Volunteering

The Department of Works and Pensions, in consultation with Voluntary Action Scotland and other TSI’s, has published new guidance on volunteering. 


Regardless of your work status, volunteering can have a whole range of benefits to an individual’s employability and wellbeing. The new guidance is designed to ensure people are receiving consistent advice on whether their volunteer role will impact their benefits.

Some important points from the document are:

  • Volunteering will not trigger a Work Capability Assessment if you are claiming health related benefits. 
  • There are no restriction on how many hours you can volunteer as long as the condition of your benefit are met. 
  • With the agreement of your benefit office contact it is possible for your volunteer hours to contribute towards your claimant commitment hours. 

Read the full guidance here.

To find out about volunteering opportunities in your area contact your Local TSI


Volunteering with FiCS 

Faith in Throughcare is currently recruiting  volunteer mentors in the Inverclyde area, to work alongside people coming out of prison. Training begins on Friday the 31st of March and more information can be found here.