Leadership Learning Resources

These learning resources relate to the value of local faith groups working together to tackle difficult issues within our communities, specifically in this case sectarianism.  However, we feel that the lessons learned can be applied to many issues facing communities and hope you will view the resources and think about how you can use them.

Church Leaders

Working with local church leaders on a 24 hour residential the project captured thoughts and views of the participants on film and produced the following two learning resources:

Main film: sharing some interesting extracts from the interviews with the church leaders during the residential and suggesting questions for people to consider and hopefully discuss with others. This is a short film with some key messages about working together and taking action to address important issues within communities. It is hoped that this will stimulate discussion and people will learn from this.


Personal Reflections: sharing individual thoughts from some of the participants as they reflect on their experiences of working together and coming together to share their learning. This film complements the main film and should be used after people have viewed the main film.


We hope that these resources will be used widely such as at conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions, church meetings, community conversations; within many different settings such as places of worship, learning centres, community centres, schools, colleges, universities; and by many different people such as church leaders, faith groups, local people, community groups, people training in ministries and many others.