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In Wi’ The Mix Learning Resources: Community Dialogue for Life

In 2015 we developed the Community Dialogue for Life training programme involving a Facilitation ‘Taster’ Day followed by a further skills development day if participants wanted to learn more. At the ‘Taster’ day participants received a pack in order to provide them with a resource following attendance. The pack brings together tried and tested processes, techniques and tools for preparing for and facilitating community dialogues.  


The pack has now been produced as a booklet: Facilitating Community Dialogue

At a gathering in December 2016 practitioners who had attended the programme came together and agreed to establish an informal network offering support to each other.

If you want to find out more or you would like In Wi’ The Mix partners to organise or run a Community Dialogue Taster Day for you, please contact Place for Hope (lead Community Dialogue partner) e: info@placeforhope.org.uk t: 07884 580359 w: www.placeforhope.org.uk