In Wi’ The Mix Learning Resources: Inspiring Unity Programme

In 2016 we developed the Inspiring Unity Programme in partnership with the Craighead Institute and the Ignatian Spirituality Centre. This new course focused on enabling people to move beyond sectarianism by strengthening and sharing their faith resources and reflecting together on faith in action.  

The aim of this programme was to reflect on topics, within the framework of Christianity, that will support individuals in their journey beyond sectarianism and provide the tools and resources to encourage others to embrace this journey.

The pilot programme took place in North Motherwell and drew participants from from St Bernadette’s Church and North Motherwell Parish Church, so bringing together people from different traditions of Christianity.


This short film by Kate Burton describes the experiences of members of North Motherwell Churches Together who took part in a pilot of this course. Over 7 sessions these participants from a Roman Catholic and a Church of Scotland parish shared their faith experiences and grew in trust and in their shared commitment to work for unity in their own communities.  The film includes questions for reflection and we hope it can inspire others to consider the value of non judgmental listening in overcoming mistrust, building a common Christian identity and growing in confidence to tackle sectarianism together. The learning from the course may be applicable to community champions in different situations who face the issue of having to overcome barriers built up over time, whether through tradition or from restricted opportunities to share experiences with those of a different  background.

You can read a brief overview of the course here  or click here to download the full evaluation report  

Below you can download some resources that illustrate successful approaches from the course that you might like to adapt for your own use.

Running a community-based reflective course 

Getting people to come can be half the battle. You can read some hints and tips on running a community-based course from our learning on the Inspiring Unity programme here.

Tracking the learning

It can be hard to capture what is changing in people’s minds and hearts and the implications this may have for what they do.  You can download a sample of one of the Inspiring Unity session evaluation forms here.

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