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Youth Resources

Drama Workshops 

Across 2015 and 2016 In Wi’ The Mix supported drama groups in Castlemilk and Wishaw to develop works that reflected the impact sectarianism, division and prejudice has on people’s lives. Resource Packs inspired by this work have been developed by The Citizen’s Theatre as stand-alone resources for anyone wanting to explore issues of sectarianism, prejudice and divisions with young people and the download links are below.

Heart Over History 

Heart Over History was developed by Castlemilk Youth Complex’s Drama Group between November 2015 and March 2016. It is a work of fiction but does reflect the experiences of many of real people and known experiences of any of the drama group. It is based on observation of prejudiced people at football, at school, snippets of old firm stereotypes and the rest of the story was drawn from the group’s collective imagination. Heart over History was the result of hard work and commitment, great teamwork and the individual talent of many. 

Heart Over History Resource Pack    – click here to download resource pack


Remember Remember 

In June of 2015 Made 4 U in ML2 worked with pupils from 3 High Schools in the Wishaw area to produce artwork that expressed their thoughts about traditional sectarian fears and prejudices. With the support of In Wi’ The Mix  Made 4 U built on this previous work and partnered with The Citizen’s Theatre, a Freelance Director, and staff and pupils of  Clyde Valley High School Drama Department, to write and direct a new play, performed in April 2016. 

Remember Remember Resource Pack  – click here to download resource pack



Young Women’s Development Programme

In 2014/15 the New Farm Loch community in Kilmarnock developed an approach to celebrating diversity. Initially the focus was on tackling sectarianism and over the past two years this has been extended to embrace people from all cultures and faiths and no faith. The Forward Together – Celebrating Diversity community initiative is a rolling programme of different activities and events involving local volunteers in organising, participating and delivering music concerts, open days, workshops, community conversations and an evolving young women’s development programme.

The latter has developed over the past two years from an initial visit to Northern Ireland in 2015 by 8 volunteer S4/5 female pupils from two local high schools. The initial programme focused on addressing issues of sectarianism but this has been expanded and for the most recent visit to Northern Ireland in March 2017 the programme concentrated on celebrating diversity and engaged 24 volunteer S3/4/5 female pupils from three local high schools and the school for additional support needs pupils.  

Over the past two years the personal development element of the programme has developed with the first cohort of volunteers being trained in mentoring to buddy the S3 pupils on the second trip with four of this number being trained as facilitators and the S3 pupils being trained as mentors for the third trip to Northern Ireland. Underpinning the process of development for young women is the focus on building confidence and leadership skills. A copy of the most recent programme for the March 2017 visit to Northern Ireland can be accessed by clicking here.

The most recent visit was evaluated and the report can be accessed by clicking here. This may inform practitioners interested in this approach and the learning emerging from the programme.