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Building on the work done by the partners funded by the Scottish Government Tackling Sectarianism Fund, In Wi’ The Mix resources are designed to support anyone addressing issues of sectarianism, divisions, differences or conflict within their community.


The Approach

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Tackling Sectarianism Fund, In Wi’ The Mix was established by a partnership of the Conforti Institute, Faith in Community Scotland and Place for Hope working together and accessing the funding through the Voluntary Action Fund Scotland  (2015-2017) to deliver a programme of training and activities working with communities to tackle sectarianism, conflict and differences. The project adopted a community asset based approach identifying the skills and strengths within communities and journeying with local people to develop joint social action to address priority issues. 

The Partners 

Conforti Institute
exists to facilitate and promote dialogue between individuals and communities that lead to action that nurtures integral human liberation


Place for Hope accompanies and equips people and faith communities that all may be peacemakers who navigate conflict well

Faith in Community Scotland works intentionally with faith groups and others in communities where levels of poverty are high with a vision that Scotland’s poorest communities should flourish.


The partners have agreed the following joint statement:

 ‘We are a partnership of three faith inspired organisations committed to working together to nurture dialogue between people living and working on the margins as a tool for personal and social transformation’

The partners have worked together as a partnership since March 2015 with commitments to continue to share, learn and build capacity between the organisations, work on projects together where they could not do them on their own, act as critical friends to each other, access joint funding to deliver projects, agree the boundaries of joint work and develop a strategic view for the future of the partnership

During the course of the project the partners have worked in many communities and the following pages contain a set of resources that emerged from the different activities; community dialogue and conversations, work with church leaders and congregations, community development and drama work with young people. Feel free to use the resources and share them widely with others.   

We do hope you find the resources useful

Our very best wishes

   Ruth Harvey                     Iain Johnston                                       Tom Welsh
(Place for Hope)         (Faith in Community Scotland)                (Conforti Institute)