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  • Are you living, volunteering or working in a community where there are significant levels of poverty?

  • Do you see the best in people and communities, in spite of the difficulties and struggle?

  • Are you committed to making a real difference by working alongside local people?

  • Would you like the space to develop your confidence and strategies to become stronger as you engage with tough issues?

    If so, you might be interested in support through coaching…

Coaching for local residents, volunteers & community workers: what is it?

Coaching is a one-to-one interactive relationship where one person (a trained coach) assists another in identifying and accomplishing goals, both personal and professional. Through powerful questioning and committed presence during regular sessions, the coach can facilitate the space whereby the person identifies the steps they want to take to become even more effective in life, work and relationships.

“I didn’t know much about coaching at the start.  The relationship with my coach was very helpful – indeed life changing.”
-Coaching Participant

What does the programme involve?

10 hours of face to face contact with a trained coach, meeting regularly over a period of about 8 months.

 A one-night residential gathering at the beginning and end of the programme. The opening gathering sets the scene, introduces participants to some theories about coaching , and brings participants together from different backgrounds. The closing gathering draws together the learning and experiences of the programme, offering insights for future personal development.

“I often don’t slow down long enough to reflect on work and personal life. This was a space where I could slow down and think about bigger picture rather than all the minute details.”
-Coaching Participant

How do I sign up?

A new programme begins in October 2017, spaces are very limited however and at this stage we are requesting that people get in contact to register their interest you can do so by contacting Maria on 0141 221 4576 or by email on info@faithincommunityscotland.org