Please Note – From January 2018 FiSCAF’s Main Grant scheme will close for a period of review. Whilst we cannot say what the fund’s priorities may be for 2018 until this review is completed, the below gives an indication of the sort of work FiSCAF has prioritised in the past. 

FiSCAF – Faiths in Scotland Community Action Fund works with local faith groups, building hope by providing grants and support in the struggle against poverty in Scotland’s most fragile urban and rural communities.

Faith and people matter and we want our support to make the following differences:

  • Faith groups are more effective in supporting people to make transitions in their lives
  • Faith groups are more effective in helping to reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Faith groups are more effective in supporting local people to become more resilient
  • There is greater understanding and respect between and within faith communities
  • Local people have increased self-esteem, confidence and skills, equipping them to improve community life

1. Who can apply?

Locally based faith groups in Scotland wishing to undertake practical action in response to community need, particularly in the economically poorest urban and rural communities.

2. How much is available?

We will consider applications of up to £15,000. This may be spread over a maximum of three years, with no more than £7,500 being awarded in the first year. FiSCAF will give priority to startup projects.

3. The Closing Dates for applications are:

As of yet no  deadlines have been set for 2018. An announcement regarding deadlines will be made via our website and social media following the review.