Small Grants

FiSCAF, through its Small Grants programme, wishes to support small local community groups across the country often run on a shoestring budget and with limited staffing and resources, examples of these are lunch clubs and youth groups.

Beyond our eligibility criteria, applicants to our Small Grants Scheme must also

  • Have an annual income of no more than £30,000?
  • Have no more than one full-time equivalent employee?


Once your have completed the checklist and decided that you are eligible to apply, send an email to telling us briefly what you want to do and to request a copy of our Small Grant application form. Alternatively you can request a copy of that form by phone (0141 221 4576), or download one in the Forms section of this website.

Once we have carried out an initial assessment of your application we will contact you for further discussion. If appropriate we may conduct further assessment either by telephone or by visiting.

We will make a recommendation to our Trustees. We will inform you of the decision. If a grant is awarded, we will liaise with you about payment and further support. If a grant is not awarded, we will aim to give you feedback which might assist you develop your planning or approach to other funders.

N.B. Please note FiSCAF is not accepting Small Grant applications for the February 2017 deadline

Applications will be considered three times in the year:

  • 10th February 2017 (decisions by start of April)
  • 7th April 2017 (decisions by start of June)
  • 29th September 2017 (decisions by start of December)