We work with faith communities in increasing their awareness of poverty and how they can respond. We help groups to reflect on working with the wider community in tackling poverty and support them to understand their community more, work up new ideas or develop what already exists. We also emphasize to strengthen connections and where appropriate, encourage collaborative working.


What we offer groups includes:

  • Help in identifying needs in the community
  • Assist in strategic and action planning
  • Support in becoming constituted and in governance
  • Help to identify and connect with strategic partners
  • Support with fund raising and accessing information
  • Contributions towards planning and monitoring
  • Facilitate in volunteer development
  • Develop area-specific community profiles
  • Provide training and organize events on specific issues

Some of our other specific initiatives are:

  • Dundee Drop In (DDI) Survey: DDI is a group of church based projects involved in crisis intervention providing food, information and a safe place to socialise for those who are often on the margins of communities in Dundee. Along with the University of Dundee, we are working with DDI projects on research into what people think of these services and what their main issues or barriers are in life. A questionnaire has been developed which will be used by students and DDI service users in March 2014, after which a report will be drafted and disseminated widely.
  • Working for Fairness: There are many struggling to make ends meet whose voices are not heard and whose stories do not surface. Society seems to categorise people and sometimes stigmatise them because they are in poverty.  Along with a range of people and organisations we aim to support some in poverty to articulate what this means today and challenge our society that has seen increasing inequality over the past few decades. This work will likely involve the use of artistic medium to help people build confidence, develop skills and find a way of understanding and communicating what life means for many who struggle in our communities. The underlying aim is to help change the way things are for people.
  • Faith in Throughcare: One of the issues that concern many people in Dundee is the high level of re-offending among former prisoners and one of the reasons suggested for this is the lack of support for those coming out of prison from sentences less than four years.  To help address this issue Faith in Community Scotland has along with local communities developed Faith in Throughcare. This is a model that uses trained volunteers, some of whom may have been in prison, to support those coming out of prison and settle in local communities. Along with our colleagues in Faith in Throughcare and interested individuals this is being developed in Dundee.