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 New Group To Take Forward The Work Of The Fairness Commissions 

On Thursday 23 March, almost one year on from the conclusion of the Dundee Fairness Commission Jimmy Black, Chairperson, handed over the fairness baton to new Community Commissioners. The move signals the start of a new stage in the fairness conversation, one that will involve people from local communities influencing change through their experiences and ideas.

 “It’s good because it’s making a bridge between people who are being sanctioned and the people doing the sanctioning. There’s a chance for communication to happen, for decision makers to understand the impact of their decisions.”

-Gavin, a Community Commissioner on the new commission.


The Dundee Partnership and Scottish Government, are jointly funding this new project to follow on from the Fairness Commission. The group will involve an equal number of people who have personal experience working alongside senior civic, political and business leaders in Dundee. Over the next 18 months they will develop a shared understanding between the two groups of commissioners, and make proposals around key areas of anti-poverty work identified through the experience and knowledge of the commissioners.

Members will see and hear each other, and speak out together to improve Dundee.

The process will be facilitated by Faith in Community Dundee, in partnership with Dundee City Council and the Social Justice and Regeneration Division of the Scottish Government.

Jimmy Black met with some of the new Community Commissioners on Thursday, giving them a copy of the Fairness Commission report – ‘A Fair Way to Go.’

“The people who made a lasting impression on the Fairness Commission were homeless, or unemployed, or disabled, or family carers. I am delighted that the new Commission will be led by people with real life experience, and I urge them to ensure that the city delivers on all the recommendations we made. Their stories are too powerful for decision makers to ignore. I am proud of the work we did in the Fairness Commission, but as our report said, there is still a fair way to go.”



During 2015-16, the Dundee Fairness Commission looked at key issues of inequality and poverty facing people in Dundee, and explored how Dundee could be a fairer city. As a result, they produced a report with 56 key recommendations for change

At the same time the Scottish Government were conducting consultations across Scotland to ask what would make Scotland a fairer country and produced their own report

For further information, please contact Jacky Close.